New ebook: “Opportunities in the Chinese wine and spirits market”

Is Wine The Next Big Industrial Revolution For China?

Brazil-February 19, 2015— Wine writer and lawyer Alessandra Esteves seems to think that wine in China will be the next big thing. As a matter of fact, in her opinion “wine in China is already a big thing considering the fact that China bolsters itself as the fifth largest producer of wine and the largest consumer of red wine in the world,” says Esteves.
In 2008, China alone bolstered over 38,000 Alcoholic beverage companies. One would imagine that with all of those companies there would be sufficient enough information on the web to get started in the business. Wrong.  Esteves has put together a comprehensive book titled Opportunities in the Chinese Wine and Spirits Market to help give insight on how huge of a deal wine in China is now and will be in the next ten years.
Opportunities in The Chinese Wine and Spirits Market lends itself to be both the go-to-guide for the newbie and a beacon of knowledge for the novice. And for the savvy investor that is looking to add wine to their portfolio, Esteves is a WSET Level 3-certified professional, currently studying the WSET Level 4, the Diploma. To learn more about the next big revolution in China simply visit Alessandra Esteves page or visit her website



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